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    Raviv Dozetas Landlord is the Most Sought After Man

    People of Salford have been waiting for years to see their dream of having a link between the Peel Park and The Crescent (A6) come true. They have been waiting eagerly for the bridge that would connect both the places. The reason why the people of the cit...
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    Raviv Dozetas Landlord 1

    Raviv Dozetas Uses the Latest Technology to Bring in a Revolution in the Construction Field
    Very few people manage to make a name for themselves at a very young age and Raviv Dozetas is one among them. This man from South Africa is today a very well-know...
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    Raviv Dozetas Comes Up With the Best Designs

    There are very few people who can make it to the top in the field of Architectural Design and Technology and Raviv Dozetas is one such person who has not only managed to achieve this feat but also has done it at a very young age. This young man from South...
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    Application of Latest Technologies in the Construction Field

    A South African citizen, Raviv Dozetas is a Property Director who has teamed up with Jibran Hussain and Hassan Sohail to set their foot in the construction industry. Jibran Hussain is just 22 and is from Nelson, Lancashire. He is a graduate in Civil and A...