The Pharma Third Party Manufacturer Help Other Companies to Cut Down their Operational Costs on Manufacturing

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  • Pharmasynth is one of the leading pharmaceutical company in the country that has two world class manufacturing units, one in Delhi and the other in Haridwar. The company is renowned in bring out some of the best quality drugs to serve the ailing humanity of the country within affordable price. The company use only high quality ingredients and follow stringent quality standards to produce their medical formulations at par with the international standards. The technical staff are also regularly updated with the latest technology and drug manufacturing procedures to ensure the drug manufacturing procedures are followed perfectly and zero defect and cost effective products are produced in their units. The company also invests on research and development of new formulations upgrading themselves to the latest technology and bringing out products like tablets, powders, orals, ointments, ear drops, enema and many more products in different dosage form into the market.

    The drug manufacturing company Pharmasynth just don’t limit producing their own formulas but also optimise their manufacturing units to the fullest capacity by offering services as the best pharma third party manufacturer for other companies to utilise their latest and sophisticated manufacturing units to produce their drugs. In this manner, many small pharma companies need not invest on the manufacturing units but can concentrate on developing the formulas and marketing their products while the third party drug manufacturer shall bring out their products in the best quality. As pharma third party manufacturer, Pharmasynth offer their services to many companies like Bharat Mata Foundation, Blue Cross Laboratories, Canixa Life Sciences, Eliza Health Care to name a few. With their state of the art manufacturing units and technically experienced and expert staff they have won the confidence of their clients in offering them best quality output in manufacturing their drug formulations.

    The company also brings out its line of pharmaceuticals in different categories like ethical range, patriotic range and hospital range to offer the best medication to the people suffering with different health problems. The pharmaceutical products from the company come in the best quality and price that they are the market leaders in most of the categories. The company is also committed towards its social responsibility to the society and participates in different social service activities to sever the nation. This has won the company many awards and accolades both at the national and international level whose motto is not only to just manufacture the medicines but serve the nation beyond with social responsibility towards the country and fellow men. is a top most pharmaceutical company in Delhi offers best pharma products in India. We provide quality medicine at affordable price. For more details, please visit us at

    Plot No. 190, Old Block E
    Dilshad Garden, Block D
    Kalander, Dilshad Garden
    New Delhi
    011 – 47 625 786
    011 – 47 625 725
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